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  • Alain Jouffroy (1928-2015)

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    Born on September 1928, Alain Jouffroy is a poet, essayist, novelist, critic. Linked, very young, to André Breton, Henri Michaux, Marcel Duchamp, Matta or Victor Brauner, he was able to avoid the dogma to define his own path. Theorist of the revolutionary individualist, his life can be seen like efficent movement of new experiences and requirements. He has published, so far, more than 120 books.

  • Anael Chadli

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    Anael Chadli was born in 1981 in Strasbourg. He is a visual artist and a poet, lives and works in the Rennes region. With a constant need to create, he takes a ticket for a school of art, jump from the train on the way, preferring to leave on foot in the direction of the Poetry which, he says himself, has to be as well here as somewhere else. He experiments the "free and not idiomatic" improvisation, draws a lot, writes texts which he publishes in a confidential edition, conceives a handwritten writing which allows him to imagine " to write as language (tongue) ", look at random for spices to invent a body. In front of his reflection, he says to himself that it is still young, and that if he doesn’t reach the Poetry, it did not stop crossing him and offered him unhoped landscapes. In 2013, he creates the collective l’Oeil de Babel (the Eye of Babel) with Ilann Vogt.

  • Annette Messager

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     (b. 1943, Berck-sur-Mer, France. Lives and works in Malakoff, France.)

    Playful and singular, Annette Messager’s work combines varied techniques (cutting, collage, painting, writing, embroidery) and reveals different facets of the artist: Annette Messager the collector, the cheater, the peddler, the practical woman…

    Annette Messager studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. She received the Golden Lion for Best National Participation at the 51st Venice Biennale (French Pavilion, 2005). In 1995 the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and New York's Museum of Modern Art co-organized her first major American retrospective. She has had solo exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Strasbourg (2012), the Centre Pompidou, Paris (2007), the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris (2004) and the Reina Sofia (1999). She also exhibited in the Biennale de Paris (1977), Documenta VI (1977) and XI (2002), the Biennale of Sydney (1979, 1984, and 1990), the Venice Biennale (1980, 2003, and 2005), and the Biennale d'Art Contemporain de Lyon in 2000.


  • Anthony Mc Call

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    Anthony McCall is known for his ‘solid-light’ installations, a serie that he began in 1973 with his seminal Line Describing a Cone, in which a volumetric form composed of projected light slowly evolves in three-dimensional space. After a twenty-year-long break, McCall made a come back in 2003 at the Whitney Museum biennal. Occupying a space between sculpture, cinema and drawing, his work gives to the spectatoran a striking experience both visual and physical.

    In 1979 he devotes himself to graphics (poster, book, website ) and  founded McCall associates that he has directed untill 2003

  • Barbara Noiret

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    Born in 1976. Lives and works in Paris Barbara Noiret’s works – installation, videos, performances, photos and sculptures – always linked to a specific production context, creates « images » in which the artist plays with the loss of meaning and sheds new light on reality.

  • Bob Wilson

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    Since the late 1960s, Robert Wilson's productions have decisively shaped the look of theater and opera. Through his signature use of light, his investigations into the structure of a simple movement, and the classical rigor of his scenic and furniture design, Wilson has continuously articulated the force and originality of his vision. Wilson's close ties and collaborations with leading artists, writers, and musicians continue to fascinate audiences worldwide.

  • Bruno Mathon

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    Born in 1938 in Nothern France (Roubaix),  he studied cinema (IDHC) in Paris and realized several short films. In 1964, he published a book on Luis Bunuel and in 1969, he decides to leave the cinema to devote himself entirely to painting practised since childhood. He teaches engraving at the Göetz workshop in the 70’s ; then painting and drawing at the adac (ville de Paris) until 2003. From 1998 to 2010, he is art critic in France Culture (France Radio), through « fresh paint » radio programme.

  • Carl Andre

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    During the 1960s and 1970s, Carl Andre produced a number of sculptures which are now counted among the most innovative of his generation. Along with figures such as Donald Judd, Sol LeWitt, Dan Flavin, Eva Hesse and Robert Morris, Andre played a central role in defining the nature of Minimalist Art. His most significant contribution was to distance sculpture from processes of carving, modeling, or constructing, and to make works that simply involved sorting and placing. Before him, few had imagined that sculpture could consist of ordinary, factory-finished raw materials, arranged into straightforward configurations and set directly on the ground. In fact, during the 1960s and 1970s many of his low-lying, segmented works came to redefine for a new generation of artists the very nature of sculpture itself.

  • Céline Cléron

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    Born in 1976, Poitiers. Lives and works in Paris