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Vincent Mauger

Vincent Mauger's sculptures do not just stand on a site, they bring pressure into it. The relationship to the site is an intrinsic part of the artist's work, he questions the space in order to reveal its breaking and equilibrium points. From the adequacy between the occupied space and the shown volume, resonances rise towards the spectators' sensitivity. The spectator is caught by the play of the surfaces, the hollow and the solid, he experiences a stimulated landscape which scale oscillates between the infinitesimal and the colossal.
Using 3D modeling, Vincent Mauger creates a world that is firmly grounded in the tangible matter. Wood, concrete blocks, bricks, metal or polystyrene, these materials are worked beyond what we could assume from their materiality. With rigorous production and little process, the perception of mass and solidity is often changed and always questioned.
In a world where distance is abolished by the speed of travel (real or virtual), Vincent Mauger offers a space with an extraordinary topography, where it feels good to get lost.
Claire Taillandier translated by Samy Da Silva